Advanced Courses

Offered during course weeks; ESRs select and should complete a minimum of 6 ECTS

A1. Epidemiological methods.
Introduction to epidemiological methodology and statistical methods, including mediation analysis and clinical trial design.
Lead and contributors: Greevenbroek (UM)
Type: Lecture + ABL
ECTS: 0.5

A2. Outpatient clinic workshop.
A personal perspective on societal relevance and impact. Two hosted visits to local outpatient clinics, to experience patient consultation and hospital workflow.
Lead and contributors: Kroon (UM), Delles (UGLA), Boutouyrie (UP)
Type: Workshop
ECTS: 1.0

A3. Microvessel pathophysiology.
(Patho-) physiology of microvascular function and hands-on training in both in-vivo human microvascular measurements (retina/skin) and tissue preparations, with current techniques.
Lead and contributors: Foulquier (UM), Houben (UM), Atkinson (3I)
Type: Lecture + Hands-on
ECTS: 1.0

A4. Aldosterone dysregulation.
Synthesis of aldosterone and its regulation, genomic and non-genomic signalling, specifically mineralocorticoid receptor actions. Guest lecture “Monoclonal antibodies in adrenocortical steroidogenesis by Prof. Gomez-Sanchez (Mississippi, USA).
Lead and contributors: Davies (UGLA), Rossi (UNIPD), Zennaro (UP)
Type: Lectures + ABL
ECTS: 0.4

A5. Macrovessel pathophysiology.
Large artery properties and pathophysiology, incl. biomechanics, non-invasive assessment, epidemiology, and pharmacotherapy.
Lead and contributors: Boutouyrie (UP), Bianchini (QUI)
Type: Lectures + Hands-on
ECTS: 1.0

A6. Inflammation in hypertension.
Role of (emerging) inflammatory and immune aspects of hypertension.
Lead and contributors: Briones (UAM), Touyz (UGLA)
Type: Lecture + ABL
ECTS: 0.4

A7. Metabolic aspects in hypertension.
Role of adipose tissue and adipokines, white-brown-bright fat, subcutaneous-visceral-perivascular fat, overweight and obesity. Guest lecture “Mitochondrial mechanisms in cardiovascular medicine”, by Prof. Rizzuto (UNIPD).
Lead and contributors: Fernandez-Alfonso (UCM)
Type: Lecture + ABL
ECTS: 0.4

A8. Ageing. What is normative ageing?
Discriminating biological from chronological ageing; biomarkers of ageing; epigenetic landscape of ageing; accelerated ageing in disease.
Lead and contributors: Shiels (UGLA)
Type: Lecture + e-course
ECTS: 1.0

A9. Non-invasive measurement of vital signs and cardiovascular parameters in the general population.
State-of-the-art and new methodologies, user-oriented technology, and connected devices.
Lead and contributors: Campo (WIT), Bruno (UP)
Type: Lecture + Hands-on
ECTS: 0.4

A10. Bioinformatics data modelling and physical systems modelling.
Principles and applied data-based modelling methodologies and practical approaches, including hands-on guidance on ESR projects. Includes guest lecture on “Data sharing infrastructure” by Prof. André Dekker (UM).
Lead and contributors: Reesink (UM), Thelen (TMC), Isaacs (UM)
Type: Lecture + Hands-on training
ECTS: 1.0

A11. Genetics, epigenetics, omics.
Computational analysis, interpretation, and prediction tools to study of molecules, genes, cellular networks, tissues, organs, whole organisms and interacting populations to understand complex biological systems and develop improved disease models.
Lead and contributors: Zennaro (UP)
Type: Lecture + ABL
ECTS: 1.0

A12. Early vascular ageing.
Early vascular ageing concept and assessment methodologies. Existing programme materials in collaboration with Prof Cunha, (Guimaraes, PT)
Lead and contributors: Boutouyrie (UP), Bruno (UP)
Type: Lectures + ABL
ECTS: 1.5

A13. Biomarker development.
Workshop, lectures on advanced biomarker discovery and validation; hands-on mass spectroscopy (MS) session at UM Schalkwijk lab. Guest lecture on “MS-imaging principles” by Prof. Heeren (UM)
Lead and contributors: Poglitsch (ATT), Schalkwijk (UM), Briones (UAM)
Type: Workshop + Hands-on

A14. Advanced microscopy.
Principles and applications of 3D histology using two-photon laser-scanning microscopy, light-sheet microscopy and dedicated image processing software. Guest lecture on “High resolution microscopy” by Dr. Remco Megens (LMU Munich, GE).
Lead and contributors: Atkinson (3I), Foulquier (UM)
Type: Lecture + Hands-on

ECTS, European credit transfer system. ABL, article-based learning.