DIMED-UNIPD-Winter school program 2024 - March 4-8 2024

We are proud to present the third edition of the Winter School in Cardiovascular Medicine of the PhD Program Arterial Hypertension and Vascular Biology (ARHYVAB), which was established more than 20 years ago at the University of Padua. It has been the basis for starting a European School on Hypertension research, successfully managed to receive funds from the EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie initiative within the MINDSHIFT program in conjunction with other 5 leading institutions in Europe.

The Round Table Discussion on ‘Why a European School on Hypertension is an urgent need’ will be a unique opportunity for the roundtable speakers, which include some PhD supervisors of the MINDSHIFT Program, to debate a hot issue and promote actions to accelerate the constitution of a postgraduate program in Hypertension in EU.
The Winter School has recruited world-class speakers who have kindly accepted to present their innovative views on Arterial Hypertension and related topics in a true international and interdisciplinary environment. This is in line with the theme Internalization, one of the leitmotiv of the University of Padua whose motto over the 800 years of its history has been Universa Universis Patavina Libertas.

The School is open to PhD students, residents and students who are interested in gaining deeper insight into the pathophysiology and treatment of arterial hypertension.
We express our gratitude to the University of Padua, the Department of Medicine–DIMED and FORICA-Onlus, which have generously supported the Winter School.
Hoping that the ARHYAB Winter School will be the third of a long successful series, we look forward to seeing from you in Brixen
Teresa M. Seccia and Gian Paolo Rossi.

Gruner Baum Hotels, Stufels 11 /Via Stufles 11
39042 Brixen /Bressanone, BZ, Italy

Who can apply?
PhD students and Postdocs, members of the EU MINDSHIFT Program, residents in Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, Nephrology and Emergency Medicine, students of the Course in Medicine and other Courses who are interested to the topic are all welcome to apply and participate. Attendance is restricted to 25 people. Fee: 200 euros. No registration fee for the students of the Course in Medicine.
Registration at https://www.sabiwork.it/evento/winter-school/
Deadline for registration: February 28th, 2024
Room reservation. Accomodation can be arranged by yourself. Rooms are available at the Gruner Baum and other hotels, but for a cheaper accommodation you can contact https://www.ostello.bz/it/bressanone.
Scientific contact: teresamaria.seccia@unipd.it
Organizing Secretary: segreteria@sabiwork.it

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