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MINDSHIFT (Mechanistic Integration of vascular aND endocrine pathways for Subtyping Hypertension: an Innovative network approach for Future generation research Training) is an Innovative Training Network funded by the European Commission.

MINDSHIFT ITN aims at training a new generation of young researchers in understanding the dynamic interactions between vascular and endocrine pathways in hypertension and boost European innovation in future health science and industry towards more effective prevention of and cure for hypertension. MINDSHIFT brings together six university partners from across Europe to recruit a group of 15 of the best early stage researchers. The doctoral researchers will work together with senior researchers from across the network. Each candidate will be employed at one of the six universities and enrolled in a local PhD programme, while at the same time being part of an integrated research team and research project at network level.

MINDSHIFT offers a unique training programme in the fields of clinical-epidemiological hypertension research, vascular and endocrine pathophysiology, genetics and genomics, and ageing, focussed on personal development, leading to a joint or double doctorate.

The programme started on 1 January 2021 for 48 months.

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European Union's Horizon 2020

This project has received funding
from the European Union’s Horizon
2020 research and innovation
programme under the Marie
Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement
No 954798.