The MINDSHIFT training programme consists of three main elements:

Scientific skills and knowledge training
The ESR projects will build the creative, explorative as well as the managerial and communicative capabilities of the ESRs, in a research context

Professional training
Secondments to non-academic partners have been designed and planned to complement scientific and professional training through the knowledge, technology, and workplace perspectives as offered by the non-academic partners.

Complementary and transferrable skills training
Network-wide Training Elements, Contributions of Beneficiaries & Non-academic Partners
Basic Courses >
Mandatory; successful completion results in 3.5 ECTS
Advanced courses > 
Offered during course weeks; ESRs select and should complete a minimum of 6 ECTS

ESR development track
To facilitate growth of self-leadership among the ESRs, we have designed a dedicated ESR development track through which specific attention will be given to ESR self-development, managing the complexities of research in a network, and valid and transferable indicators for future career development. The track is based on the existing successful OFL/Living Lab programme of partner The Recess College. This integral stream on leadership and network development will run in parallel with the programmed research activities. The continuity of this experiential learning thread is secured by a five-day starting and a four-day conclusion event, with nine focused small group sessions in between.

Elisabeth Henderson
Director and Founder of the Recess College
Willem Moolenburgh
Executive Director of the Our Future Leaders | The Livings Lab Programme & Alumni Office

Personal Professional Development Track >
For deepening the personal understanding of skills and aspirations as well as blockages, to develop the professional and organisational acumen to lead in science and cross-sectoral innovation. (Mandatory).